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Industrial electrician in Poole

If you need an industrial electrician for your industrial electrical installations and repairs, call the team from PMD Electrics Ltd today. 
warehouse lighting

Emergency lighting and other electrical services

We offer a wide range of electrical services for any industrial installation such as:
- Heating and control system electrics
- Air conditioning and ventilation
- Lighting and emergency lighting systems
- Power installations
- Electrical power installations for all plant and machinery
- Sight and temporary building electrics
- Fire alarm and access control systems
- Communication infrastructures
Our installations include work completed in various types of environments such as:
- Factories
- Warehouses
- Machine shops
- Garages and showrooms
- Vehicle workshops
- Sight temporary electrics
- Caravan parks
- Swimming pools
For access control systems and emergency lighting services in Poole, contact PMD Electrics Ltd on  01202 620 776
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